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Assorted Bags with Screen Printing

At FRC Sewing, we know that personalized tote bags are an easy way to promote events, market businesses, and provide giveaways throughout the year. Our wide-range of longstanding clients have successfully utilized these methods for a variety of personal projects. Made with long lasting quality materials, tote bags in bulk can be imprinted with a personal logo design or message, and our customers can fill it with other gifts to get the attention of trade show comers. They’re also great for destination weddings and themed parties. Our experienced expert team of both designers and craftsmen are ready to work with you, hands-on, to create the most unique and durable designs for your custom bags, whatever the occasion.

Bags are critical to keeping all of your equipment organized and protected. Outdoor elements and weather can be a cause for concern for the items you need to keep on you while in the line of duty, and military bags are the perfect solution for making that concern disappear. Tactical packs come in all shapes and sizes depending on your need and the tools you need to carry.

If your individual project calls for any form of mass commercial production, our expert team of designers and craftsmen are available to offer guidance and education in learning the best method to suit your unique needs. Embroidery is basically defined as decorating fabric using a needle and thread. Screen printing is a stencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface, usually a t-shirt. Direct embroidery is where the design or logo is woven or sewn directly into the material of the garment. The embroidered design essentially becomes part of the material.

An embroidered logo goes a long way in visually displaying the integrity and quality of your organization of company’s branding, and is commonly used decorate a shirt with a logo by many companies. Because thread has dimension, an embroidered logo ends up being three dimensional, giving the garment a classic, structured texture. In addition, embroidery thread is coated and therefore has a sheen that helps the colors pop to attention.

With years of experience, FRC Sewing specializes in creating the strongest materials for the most delicate of situations. If you have a specific personal vision for light or industrial sewing needs, contact FRC Sewing today and tell us how we can help bring that project to life!

For nearly a decade, FRC Sewing has been collaborating with their clients to create products of the highest-quality – all made in the USA. Proudly serving the community members who proudly serve their communities, FRC Sewing is conveniently located at 1704 West 7th Street, Frederick MD 21702. Call us today at 301-694-8656 or email us at and let us know how we can make your personal vision a reality!