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As Maryland’s premiere, full-service commercial and industrial sewing manufacturing contractor, FRC Sewing offers a wide-range of services for every facet of personalized, industrial-strength products for nearly every industry. From military-grade products and EMT necessities, we also cater to the needs of fire departments and other civic-driven organizations which need tough, reliable products that can withstand the most challenging of situations.

Our team is composed of experts who are ready and willing to assist in the designing of new products – or can work with modifying your existing items to meet your current needs. Our job is to see the process through to a quality-finished product. Because we also know that our customers’ needs are urgent, we’re committed to efficiency. And in order to craft only the most professional and high-quality final products, FRC Sewing offers numerous services to make your product from the very best craftsmanship.

Our specialties run the gamut both light and industrial sewing methods, which can be applied to a variety of industries, FRCS Print Shop for commercial needs, and die cutting.

For government and defense purposes, FRC is proud to offer military bags, and for EMT workers and first responders, we offer a wide-range of flame retardant products and various insulation jackets and cases.

Here is a sample of the services we offer to our customer:

  • Designing and producing a prototype to meet your specifications
  • Light and industrial sewing
  • Source material
  • FRCS Print Shop
  • Die cutting
  • We offer an assorted size of grommets along with a variety of fastening snaps
  • Quality and inspection of all finished products
  • Packaging and shipping to you or to your customer
  • All products proudly manufactured in the USA!

With years of experience, FRC Sewing specializes in creating the strongest materials for the most delicate of situations.

For nearly a decade, FRC Sewing has been collaborating with their clients to create products of the highest-quality – all made in the USA. Proudly serving the community members who proudly serve their communities, FRC Sewing is conveniently located at 1704 West 7th Street, Frederick MD 21702. Call us today at 301-694-8656 or email us at and let us know how we can make your personal vision a reality!