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    For over a decade, First Response Custom Sewing has been proudly serving the members of the community who, in turn, serve their community. As Maryland’s premiere, full-service commercial and industrial sewing manufacturing contractor our services include a variety of customer and heavy-industrial products. Our team is composed of experts who are ready and willing to assist in the designing of new products – or can work with modifying your existing items to meet your current needs. Our job is to see the process through to a quality-finished product. Because we also know that our customers’ needs are urgent, we are committed to efficiency.

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    At FRC Sewing, we’re proud to bring our years of experience and quality to every project we take on and – although we’re known for our high-quality bags and goods for military and government entities – we can utilize our skills for all of your unique, custom needs!

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    Fire & Rescue

    At FRC Sewing, we live and work by the belief: "Proudly serving those in the community who proudly serve the community." Nowhere is that more evident than in the work we do for fire-workers and EMT workers, ensuring that when these individuals go out to save and protect, they are always enabled for success and their own safety.

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    The work that we do for the industrial Industry is always constructed of the most durable materials and crafted with the greatest care for longevity and safety. At FRC Sewing, we proudly bring that same quality to each industrial product that we create for both the private and public sectors.

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    Gov't & Defense

    Of all the work that we do at FRC Sewing, we’re greatly acknowledged and known for the meticulous work that we do for government & military use. Carefully following the mandatory guidelines and regulations for safety and durability, our military bags and products are of the highest-quality available.

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    FRCS Print Shop

    FRCS now offers UV printing to the table! We are a one-stop shop that offers sewing & printing all together

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